Dormitory Complete: April 2nd, 2008

Dormitory Complete: April 2nd, 2008
The happy and grateful girls of NABSS!

The new dormitory, inside view - the new bunkbeds (mosquito nets not yet set up), cutting the ribbon on April 2nd, 2008

Students, teachers and others at the dedication ceremony, me addressing the audience (Peace Corps Country Director Bob Golledge in the background), photo-ops with students at the new dorm

Me posing with a new dorm resident, another view of the front of the dorm, me dancing with NABSS staff and students at the dedication

The NABSS student cultural dance troupe performing traditional Bimoba drumming and dancing at the dedication with the District Cultural Coordinator in the foreground

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The dorm is DONE!

At a lively dedication ceremony on April 2nd, 2008, the Nakpanduri Business Secondary School Girls' Dormitory was officially opened. After an opening prayer from the Nakpanduri Imam, speeches from NABSS Headmaster Duut Peter Jatuat, the Presiding Member of the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District Assembly, Peace Corps Ghana Country Director Bob Golledge, and remarks from me (some in Moar - the local language), the dormitory was commissioned and the program closed with a prayer from Nakpanduri Assemblies of God Paster Thomas Lambon. The program also included two cultural drumming and dancing performances by the NABSS Cultural Troupe.

For the school and for the whole of Nakpanduri, the completion of this dorm represents a a great achievement in community cooperation. The community of donors were also a crucial part of this cooperative achievement. To all of you who supported me and this project - you have really done a great thing to help Nakpanduri and you have built a lasting connection to that community. Nakpanduri and I will forever be grateful to you for your contributions.

For the girls of NABSS, this dormitory represents an opportunity. It's a drastic improvement to their living situation and to their educational possibilities. For some of them, it might alleviate one of the key conditions keeping them trapped in the cycle of poverty. For them it really means that much. They are very grateful.

I am also very grateful to have had the opportunity to be the conduit for this cooperation between two communities for which I care deeply. I am grateful for my whole Peace Corps experience in Nakpanduri, for all the friends I've gained and the lessons I've learned. The completion of the girls' dormitory was a wonderful capstone to that experience.

A million thanks to all those who made it possible. God bless you all!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Home Stretch...

Greetings once again everyone!

As of March 20th, all the "plastering" is finished (this is the concrete work on top of the block work that makes everything smooth and nice - there's no dry walling...), the wooden ceilings have been constructed, and all electrical work is laid and ready to be connected. I left Nakpanduri with my headmaster, headed for Tamale for one last shopping trip. We bought "burglar proof" mesh and screens for the windows, paint, and door hardware - spending the LAST of my PCPP money! While I had hoped the flooring would be done and the windows installed - Mr. Jatuat assured me that this was to be done within two days of my returning to Tamale ('s done by now). The next pictures I send will be of the COMPLETED dormitory, with ASSEMBLED bunkbeds and HAPPY students! The program on April 2nd should be very interesting. The Peace Corps Ghana Country Director, Bob Golledge, is making the long trek from Accra to attend - and I'm giving a speech...partially in the local language! I'll try to get a picture of the astounded faces as I speak...

I'm astounded by your generosity and support. Thanks for making my last few months such a success!